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01 June 2007 @ 12:10 pm
a poor mans facebook  
i am really sorry LJ but i have been 'poked' by facebook. and since joining yesterday i have 9 mutual friends already - inc the winehouse! can you offer me such access to the stars? BUT CAN YOU?!!!!

i will remain true to you my friend, but only between the hours of 12 - 2pm as you are the only site of this kind which does not get blocked from work during these hours!

today - i am attired in a kind of goth/fairy ensemble. one of the I.T guys asked me if i meant to dress this way. i did. git. i overslept today due to a hangover, so brought my toothbrush and clinique to work, and spent 10 mins in the bog when i got to work, to dust myslef down, and buff myself up.


i can now put my hair up too. i am growing it long again i think. it goes too crazy while short, and i have never been one for preening my hair on a daily basis. but maybe i should just get some more batiste - that way, one straightening session can last a week - yes 7 whole days!!

batiste. a poor mans wash 'n set.

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