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15 June 2007 @ 01:28 pm
its been a long time coming  
hell lj - how the devil are you?!!

as i think i loosely explained before, i have been introduced to the book of faces. only, it is blocked from the internet between 12 - 2pm. meaning that i cannot scamp around in my lunch break.... only during work time!

but, already - i have 21 friends listed. inc amy winehouse, robert kaplinksy, chris moyles, bernard butler, steven patrick morrissey, to name but a few. it really is a frightfully exiting business you know.

this week i have mostly decided that i have to get the feck out of this establishment of work asap - i relised that i have been trampled all over for 2 1/2 years, when my boss told me that i would not be getting a promotion, although i will be doing the job as if i had got it, no payrise (they are actually going to NOT pay me the appropriate pay scale, so effectively - doing the job without the money. so doing it for free) but my boss would encourage me to pick up the dregs that one of the course leaders doesnt want - and i can do the rest on evenings and weekends.......

something twigged in my stupid little brain that sais "reet... you have to put in a big big effort now to find another job. you dont have to stand for this, but be wise - do not cut orf yer nose to spite yer face and all that malarky" so i listened, nodded and agreed in all the right places and left it at that.

since this meeting, i have emailed my CV to many different organisations. one of which are keen to help get me a job, cos the lady ive been dealing with used to work where i work! so, fingers crossed, i will have a new job some time soon. i think it would do me the world of good - something new to concentrate on.

oooooh, by the way - since my last visit to lj i have been declared bankrupt (intentional!) submitted my portfolio for my a1 (nvq assessing qulalification) oooh and organised my party (not that it was hard work, but y'know - time demanding!)

anyway, am now going fer a smoke before my lunch break ceases!

kisses n mulch xxxxxx
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