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29 May 2007 @ 01:18 pm
Bank holiday!  
well, what a wet horrible, grey bank holiday it has been. Sunshine arrived on Friday in the shape of missy bea - who arrived at the midnight hour to a mohito (cocktails i was drinking in the pub she found me in!!)

friday night i went out for my friend for her b.day drinks, and had a rather raucous drinking sesh with her hubbys work chums who are lovely, some of which i have invited to my billy go bust party so should be a fair few people there - which obv will make me look tres popular which is always good! on the friday i was a drinking in my old work place and the old manager is back from a few years away working in flashy restaurants in china (i think he said, but at my drunkin state it couldve been chiswick), whom i always got on very well with so stayed back a drinking the cocktails and catching up with the old regulars.... who havent changed one little bit in 4 years!!

then saturday, missy b and i joined unk n boo for breakfast, i had a pint with mine, despite being drunk/hungover/grumpy etc, then we all went back to mine, for more shinanegans. billy rudd was out, so i got trashed on my floor. in my defense, i had badly injured my foot so going out was no option, plus the financial aspect prohibited us somewhat.

so we were joined at random times, by lizard boy and girlf, lady boho goth, ginge and mr M, who all came to listen to the vinyl - mostly bryan ferry as thats what i wanted to hear.

then sunday, napping, laying about, duvet, then skip to monday... where did it all go! my drunken haze merges all into one! and lady bea left at the morning, i tidied up a bit, then mr M came round later in the afternoon where we watched films, and listened to the unrelenting rain.

heavy, heavy, drunken weekend.

i went bankrupt last week, and am a little grumpy about it - but it will pass, i just have more work to do on it before i can leave things to my official receiver. bah. i am also needing to submit a portfolio of work for my A1 assessors cert this week, erm amongst other things that are leaving a stale taste in my mouth at present - so i am really hoping that my current anger leaves me in time for my party on 23rd of this month, and good things loom ahead?????

they have to right????!!!

anyway, i have updated you LJ. a little rushed i know, but you appreciate the effort none the less!

mwa xx
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uncle_absintheuncle_absinthe on May 30th, 2007 04:37 pm (UTC)
Shaauuuuunnnnnn Boooorrrnnnnnn......
Ahhh was a lovely night, the video is most amusing too!!xxxx
rahrahruddrahrahrudd on May 31st, 2007 11:06 am (UTC)
Re: Shaauuuuunnnnnn Boooorrrnnnnnn......
bah! drunk billy on camera. i remember it loosely - but am pre-ashamed!