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03 July 2007 @ 01:31 pm
cider and fags  
Good afternoon live journal,

it has indeed been a whiloe, and all number of things have occured since my last visit. namely facespace! the weekend just gone was sepnt in london with missy bea, martin and ginge. we all decided that the best way to celebrate smoking freely in public places, was to go out in the afternoon - drink lots of beer, and smoke all the fags known to man throughout the day/eve/night/following morning etc etc. Once again i haunted gloomy with alices presence, after going back to missy beas and drinking plenty o shots, and even more cider -before proceeding onto the tube with another gigantic bottle o cider. but we did share it with other tube onlookers. we spread the love!

now, the hazey booze fog comes over me. all i can possibly say is that i confessed that i am an amourous drunk, i pretended that i had been kidnapped (although in my defense i probably thought i had, but it was by jerome so doesant matter!!)i repeatedly threw myslef at a pipe wielding beardy man, who was not in the slightest bit interested in me, i lost my firend bea (not strictly true - but thats another story) and then martin put me to bed in the wee hours of the next day - but this was only after i had poured coffee and pie in my new dress. lady bea stayed up drinking once i had passed out.

debauchery central - but my intention was always to get blotto, chain smoke with a number of implements and varieties of niccotine based goods, and scamp around london.

so, mission accomplished. i have now given up smoking - it is my 2nd day inn, and i have to say, the thought of another alcoholic beverage right now - makeds me want to dissapear up my own arse via my pupils!

love and coffee flavoured skirt pie xxxxx