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09 February 2013 @ 03:49 pm
MacBooks in bed  
today i feel a little depressed. i put this down to 2 things: 1 - the curse 2 - i drank too much 2 nights in a row. oh and there is a third, insomnia. yep. i have pills for it and everything. i cant drink with them obv so when i am drinking i sleep badly.

so i have moved to a new part of town, the flat is nice - some shonkyness within, for example, i had to move the bed as i am too tall for it to have stayed where it was. anyway, bed moved - and i can see brick work. they only took the bleeding skirting board off to fit the bed in. nobs. the agency have emailed the landlord (who i already consider to be a dick due to his shoddy workmanship and the fact that the flat wasnt cleaned to a high standard when i moved in. last tennants food remnants in the grill pan) and i have said i will fit the skirting board if he provides it.

i fucking hate renting. seriously. hate it.

oh, a fourth reason to be depressed - british gas.

i work at that educational establishment again! yep - the one i was at 6 years ago. back then i was a receptionist, i am now a specialist adviser on teice the salary. cool. the place is still the same though.

so, i knocked all of my friends over the weekend, yesterday i turned down opportunity to go out, i turned down an invite to a cool party tonight which i was really excited about, i also turned down my friend and her baba who were going to visit me. why? just dont feel sociable today.

on a more positive note, i have eaten today. im not anorexic by any means but i dont eat much these days. cant be bothered. i still eat every day but its not always a full meal. today i feel like i need to take care of myself. cook some food, take the recycling out, wash my hair etc. then tomorrow is sunday, i wont be hungover and i will hopefully have slept properly.

i guess im holding a mini-intervention.

shame about the party tonight, there are probably loads of hot boys there. oh well.